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Enkele woorden over Matthieu Bonne

My name is Matthieu Bonne, born in Ostend, Belgium on february 17th 1994. I live in Bredene on the Belgian coast. I am a lifeguard at the Olympic swimming complex LAGO Brugge Olympia.

I am an adventurer with a great passion for travelling and extreme sports in which I can spend my abundance of energy.


  • September 2017

    Mont Blanc

  • April 2018

    Marathon des sables

  • August 2018


  • December 2018

    Ironman Busselton

  • July 2019

    Kamp Waes

  • September 2019

    The English Channel

  • April 2020

    Tour de Belgique

  • July 2020

    Eiger - The Alpine Big Three

  • September 2020

    Swimming the belgian Coast


I am addicted to Ultra-endurance sports. My goal is to extend my physical limits in the water, on the bike and while running.