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07.05.2022, 10:39

"What a day. Again. After just 3-4 hours of sleep this night I took on my second triathlon in El Hierro. What a beautiful island! Still sleepwalking I jumped into sea and had a sunrise swim. The bike course was again brutal. Like yesterday, around 2500 m elevation gain. At some point I was starting to hallucinate on the bike because of the sleep deprivation and the heat. I saw all kinds of crazy shapes in the rocks and trees beside me. The marathon was even harder. I even came close to having an out of body experience near the end. Day 2 is done and dusted and now we have an oppurtunity to go for day 3!"

Results of today:

3.8 K swim: 01:02:44
180 K bike: 07:37:05
42.2 K run: 03:41:27

"Back on the sailing boat now, on our way to La Gomera. Hopefully I can get some sleep in because tomorrow will be crucial. La Gomera is probably my favorite island of them all. I've been there just once (in dec 2021) but it captured my heart right away. Some things can't be told, only felt. Back in december 2021 I had a 60 hour training week, so I know what it feels like to suffer there and I expect no different tomorrow. It will be quite emotional to going back there, but at this point everything feels kind of emotional.."

2 down, 6 to go. 🍀


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Ribas Philippe
Ribas Philippe Guest

Goe bezig!! 💪🏼

08.05.2022, 07:51

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