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One more day
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04.05.2022, 20:25
One more day

1.5 years of work and a lifetime of dreams.

Tomorrow, may 5-12 , I will try to write history again by trying to finish 8 full distance triathlons on the 8 Canary Islands in 8 consecutive days.

Is it possible? Physically and mentally I will have to go deeper than ever and I already know I will suffer in ways I never experienced before but I truly believe I can do it. It will be extemely hard but hard does not mean impossible. 💪🙂

I have serval reasons for taking on this challenge. I want to show the world what I'm capable of, but perhaps one of my main reasons for doing this challenge is to inspire YOU!!!! Because of 8 ISLANDS I want people to say: because of his actions, he inspired people to dream more, to want more and to do more. I want to spread positivity into this world and show that with some perseverance great things can be achieved in life..

Tomorrow, the clock starts ticking at 6:00 AM and if all goes well, I should have finished all the islands before midnight on may 12, 8 triathlons and around 1800 km later.

Ideally, I have to finish my daily triathlon in the 11-13 hour range. I can not go much longer for a triathlon tho, as I would never make it on time for the next Island and triathlon the next day.

The islands are ranked as followed:
(from west to east)

La Palma (may 5)
El Hierro
La Gomera
Gran Canaria
La Graciosa (may 12)

Follow me! The whole event can be followed through my social media (instagram and FB) and my website (link in bio) (thanks @digitalupbelgie ) where you can even track me and see mee swim, bike and run.

The outcome of this challenge has already been decided. It's fate..💙


📷 @stefreynaert

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