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12.05.2022, 01:45

Another short night of only around 3 hours sleep. The hallucinations were again very real today. Especially while cycling it was a fight against the sleep deprivation. The heat was also there today. The marathon was the hardest and most painful one so far. On a pain level scale of 10, I was probably at a 12 the last 25 K. But If you really care about your goal, you just push through it. And sometimes, you must go to that dark place and just do the suffering. It's a different world out there.

Results of today:

3.8 K swim: 1:01:02
180 K bike: 6:39:22
42.2 K run: 03:42:10

#6 is done and now all my focus is on Lanzarote tomorrow 👀 For anyone that is into triathlon and sports, knows how though Lanzarote is. The wind in combination with the hills are just brutal. Tomorrow will be my 7th full triathlon in 7 days, on the mighty Lanzarote. Lanzarote has a special place in my heart, as the idea and training for "8 Islands" actually started there, together with my coach Luc. This is also the second home for @Lucvanlierde, so it will be quite exciting for the both of us to go there.

Let's see what happens.


📷 @stefreynaert

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Ann Guest

You are doing good. You will finish it completly

12.05.2022, 02:17

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