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08.05.2022, 23:06

Mother, this one is for you!!! Happy mothersday and thank you for sharing this adventure with me. Means everything to me.

"Alright. With ZERO hours of sleep last night I had to take on my 4th triathlon in as many days. Yesterday I finished my triathlon at 23:45. In desperate need of some shuteye, the sailboat was going beserk, throwing me left and right so I had a sleepless night before taking on Tenerife. Although the course was relative flat, the heat was a real factor today.. Around 30 degrees. In the heat of the day I had to do my marathon run. After about 5 K in was running on fumes. Luckily I pushed through to get me to the finish of day 4. Were are halfway this epic adventure.. Crazy.
Day by day. Tomorrow we try for 5..."

Results of today:

3.8 K swim: 01:02:29
180 K bike: 06:37:59
42.2 K run: 03:40:55

Next up is Gran Canaria. Luckily tonight is my first day sleeping in a hotel, hoping for some good quality sleep..

Matth, out.✌️

📷 @klaasbackers


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Comments (2)
Ann Guest

Very very inspiring! This is an unbelievable attempt, but big dreams are always worth the effort of trying. Don't accept the sky is the limit when there are footprints in the moon! 👊 Looking forward to reading the rest of your adventure.

09.05.2022, 22:19

Ria Guest

Fantastic !!! We will be waiting for you on Lanzarote.

08.05.2022, 23:21

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