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Almost Half Way - UPDATE
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08.05.2022, 19:38
Almost Half Way - UPDATE

Matthieu is almost half way his 8 ISLANDS Challenge running the second half of his 4th marathon as we speak. 

With the three most difficult islands (though bike courses) and a lack of sleep on the boat (rough sea) behind us Matthieu's state of mind is still super positive. 

Tonight Matthieu is flying to Gran Canaria and will be sleeping in a normal bed giving him the opportunity to recover a bit and be ready for the second half of the challenge!

The 8ISLANDS crew is giving every possible support and Carole & Erwin (parents / logistics and general care), Luc (coach and nutrition), Zeno (courses and logistics) and Klaas and Niels (camera crew - Glowball films) are confident that Matthieu will finish this crazy challenge. 


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Comments (5)
Ann Guest

You can do this Gold luck

09.05.2022, 22:45

Afrikano Guest

Matthieu you are not a man and calling you iron man is a little while you are a machine that swims like a dolphin, whizzes like a motorcycle and runs like a gazelle, with the mental strength of an elephant. compliments

09.05.2022, 11:33

Pa Guest

Je bent goed!!!!

08.05.2022, 23:59

Karine Guest

Met jouw ingesteldheid moet het lukken. Hou het veilig en kom goed aan. Mvg,karine

08.05.2022, 21:27

Manuel Vermeyen
Manuel Vermeyen Guest


08.05.2022, 20:06

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