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The road to my first Ironman


  • 2 December 2018
  • 3.8 K SWIM
    180 K BIKE
    42,2K RUN
  • Busselton, Western Australia

The 3.8 K swim
6:45 am, start of a long day..
I chose a pace and after 1h03 I came out of the water with a surplus.
On to my very first transition and to the bike! YES!

The 180 K bike
Summary: Torpedo start, water shortage, water excess, penalty time, mechanical bad luck.

The Marathon
My favorite and undoubtedly my strongest part. I have always believed in it and until km 16 I was still perfectly on track for a sub 10 hour race!! A little later, I got difficulties. The "wall" or the (marathon) man with the hammer suddenly came very fast. To be honest, I don't remember much of the last 15 km. After the hellish marathon I entered the IM carpet. In the distance, I saw the finish line, and shortly afterwards I heard the magic words...