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The English Channel

English channel swimming
Dream. Believe. Achieve.

The swimming glory after my channel crossing.

  • 16 September 2019
  • 56 km
  • from Dover (UK) to Wissant Bay (Fr)

The English Channel

The mission was "simple". You start on dry land and finish on dry land.

I raised my arms in the air, the horn of the boat echoed and I entered the water. The start of my great adventure. The water was cold. England and France were nowhere to be seen. It was frightening, but the thought that I was swimming towards the sunrise brought peace and tranquility. I swam and I swam and I swam. After about 9 hours I saw Cap Gris Nez in front of me. Land, finally... Or so it seemed anyway.

Hours went by and it was as if I was swimming on the spot. I gathered my last courage and strength, while my body was screaming in pain. But 56 km and 12h47 later, I set foot on the French sand after a hell of a fight with the sea.

I became the 18th Belgian in 150 years of Channel swimming to do it and I can't be prouder than this. This was an amazing experience as well as the road to it. 6 months of training, 6 months of living like a hermit.

THe english channel swimming
Finish my challenge of the english channel