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Belgian Coast swim

Belgian coast swim arrival
The very first succesfull swim of the Belgian coast

Swimming down the Belgian coast was considered "impossible" by many. I did not believe this.


  • 15 September 2020
  • 74,64 km
  • From De Panne to Knokke-Heist

When I had to abort my first attempt because of the storm, I was very disappointed and my motivation and energy reached a low. Would I still be able to focus and recharge for another attempt? But that's what sports does to me. It challenges me.

So YES, I went for it again (2 weeks later).

The very first successful crossing of the Belgian coast is in my name as a result. From De Panne to Knokke. 67km in an official time of 23:03:55. This is the biggest, the most beautiful and the most iconic victory of my life, but certainly also the hardest and most difficult I have ever achieved.

I now realize that we can go to the extreme in life, and that is a freedom.

Because dreams give you wings, I decided to donate half of the financial support from supporters,to MAKE-AWISH.

Belgian coast swim - Matthieu Bonne
Belgian coast swim - swimming
Balgian coast swim - finish